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Our team of financial professionals are committed to guiding affluent families toward their financial goals. We use strategies designed to fit your unique needs—whether personal or business—and we work daily to anticipate your evolving financial life.

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Our Process

We build sophisticated and nuanced financial plans to get the most life from your wealth. Our approach is proactive. We synchronize our knowledge and experience with expert legal and accounting advice to protect the blueprint to achieve your goals.

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Giving Back

We give back to the communities in which we live and work. Individually, and as a team, we support many causes. As the Presenting Sponsor of The Annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch in Guelph, Ontario, we know when the community thrives, we all benefit.

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Our Leadership

 Our advisor(s) clearly understand what is involved in preparing a proper financial plan and in particular, were able to understand and model some peculiar situations related to income received through my business. In addition, their responsiveness, completeness and accuracy of information has met or exceeded my high expectations. With me at the point of retiring and my employment income coming to an end, I'm sure it can be a scary time for many people at this point in their lives, however, with Neil and Matt having prepared a very thorough financial plan for us with a conservative set of assumptions and spent much time going through it with us and discussing it with us, we are very confident and comfortable as we now move into retirement. 

Paul A., P.Eng.

Education Centre

Canadian professionals including physicians, lawyers, dentists, and veterinarians choose to create a professional corporation for a wide variety of personal and financial reasons. Is it right for you? Here are three key reasons why many of your professional colleagues choose incorporation. 1. Greater tax efficiency Professional income earned by a corporation is taxed at a much lower rate than income...
For many families, it is much more important to preserve the family cottage than any other asset. Those who want to leave the cottage to their children must plan for the tax consequences and disputes which may arise upon their death. The concepts here apply to any vacation property, including a ski chalet or condo.


The IG Wealth Management Philosophy

Access some of the world's pre-eminent investment opportunities with IG.

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One Cottage. four kids. How will you divide it up without dividing them up? Enjoy a synchronized approach to leaving your legacy.

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We manage the complexities of your wealth to enhance your financial well-being.