A Foundation of Financial Planning Excellence

Brian Davies started helping families achieve their financial dreams when he joined IG Wealth Management in 1984. Together with his wife Janet, he diligently built a satisfied client base, earning a strong reputation both in the industry and the Guelph community. Brian's expertise in planning for multi-generational families laid the groundwork not only for supporting current clients but also their children and grandchildren, many of whom are still clients to this day.

In 1992, Neil Mahnke's financial planning career also began at IG. His hard work, and analytical approach caught the eye of Brian as someone who shared his commitment to helping people achieve their financial dreams.

The family legacy continued when Brian’s daughter Kimberley joined her parents in the business after university and helped them continue to grow and provide an even higher level of customer service. Her hard work, and thoughtful approach caught the eye of Neil as someone who might help him achieve his dreams and after a successful courtship, they got married in 2004.


A Family Business for your Family

In 2002, Brian and Neil co-founded Davies & Mahnke together, bringing together their invaluable experience to serve their combined clients even better. Doug Steinburg joined in 2004, bringing his financial services management expertise and expanding the business to their London office.

Under Neil’s leadership and direction, the team continued to help more clients achieve their goals while still delivering unparalleled customer service. This was further elevated by the arrival of his sister Lisa Pearson whose dedication, attention to detail, and empathy set the new standard for the Davies & Mahnke client experience going forward.


A Mentor and the Next Generation

In recent years, Brian transitioned into a mentorship role within Davies & Mahnke to instill his philosophy on client service excellence and the importance of relationships to the next generation of financial planners. Matt Lippert joined the team in 2017 after earning an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree with a focus in Management Economics and Finance. Matt’s fresh perspective and hard work helped the business successfully navigate the difficult times through the pandemic and eventually come through it even stronger.


A Lasting Impact and Continued Commitment

Over the last four decades Davies & Mahnke has witnessed a great deal of progress and change within the financial services industry. It is a testament to the entire team that their dedication and hard work have enabled the business to continue to evolve and thrive.

While financial planning is still a big part of how we support our clients, we’re also putting in the effort and resources to ensure that we can provide a much more comprehensive set of modern services that meet the needs of today's professionals and entrepreneurs.

Davies & Mahnke looks forward to continuing their journey, supporting clients, and helping the next generation of affluent Canadian families achieve their dreams.